We are really excited to launch the new Wordable for WordPress plugin 3.0 – available now in your account settings.

The first of many updates to come this year, this new plugin allows Wordable to connect to your WordPress site(s) through a single, universal plugin.  No longer will you need to download a different plugin for each of your WordPress sites. After activating the new plugin, you will manually connect to your Wordable account through the Wordable plugin settings in WordPress.  Here’s what that looks like:

After you have downloaded, installed and activated the plugin you are directed to connect in your settings.

Once in your settings, hit the “Connect to Wordable” button




You did it!


We thought you might have some questions, so we answered them below.  If you have any additional questions or run into any issues, please email us at support@wordable.io.

Wordable WordPress Plugin 3.0 FAQ’s

Is there anything I have to do? Do I have to download a new plugin for Wordable to keep working?
No, nothing is required on your side.  You do not need to download a new plugin. Everything will work as is.  If/When you connect a new site (or reconnect an existing site) you will download this new plugin as part of that process.

I don’t use the plugin – will the connection using my WordPress admin credentials still work?
Yes, this connection method still works.  However please note that at some time in the next few months we will stop supporting this connection method and will ask you instead to connect via the plugin.

Why did you do this?
Since our goal is to save you time – We realized how inconvenient and unnecessary it is for you, our customer, to have a unique plugin for each WordPress site connected.

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