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What Is an Editorial Calendar?

An editorial calendar is just what it sounds like: a time-based workflow to help you plan and manage content marketing production.

As much as an editorial calendar is forward-focusing, it also gives you a look at your past publication history and serves as a piece of documentation. Put simply, it’s a crucial piece of workflow for any serious content marketer or blogger.

Editorial Calendar Examples

Name a company with a great content marketing program, and I can guarantee you that they have some form of a content editorial calendar.

Sometimes, in smaller operations, it’s wrapped up in other editorial and marketing tasks, such as those of SEO and social. In large teams, there’s almost always an exclusive and specific software solution for editorial calendars, such as Trello or Asana.

Here’s a great example of an editorial calendar in Trello:

Here's an example from Ben Johnson of Proof 
(actually a screenshot of the template we're offering):