55+ WordPress Tools Recommend by Expert Bloggers

There are a million and one WordPress tools out there. This guide will help you choose the best ones to help you build, manage, and grow your site.

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Content Crafters: Shayla Price on Productivity, Inspiration, and Writing Process

In the first installation of Content Crafters, an interview series where we de-construct the tools, tips, and tactics that top bloggers use to get so much work done, we interview Shayla Price. She explores writing tips, inspiration, and workflow.

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72+ Blog Tools to Boost Your Blogging Output and ROI (Expert Reviewed)

While most of what determines a blogger’s success is the talent and capabilities of the blogger, it’s not secret a good stack of blog tools will help you get more done. This post compiles the best tools for bloggers, recommended by experts.

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How to Use Google Docs for Blogging (Double Your Writing Productivity)

Google Docs is the most productive way for bloggers to create content.

But you likely know this already.

What you may not know, however, is that you can vastly improve your Google Docs productivity with regards to blogging. You can shave hours off of your production time, push through more content (and higher quality content). All of this means, depending on your blogging reasons, that you can make more money and get a better ROI on your blogging.

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The Absolute Best Minute To Post On Social Media To Go Viral

We analyzed the entire internet and figured out the absolute best minute to post on social media.

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We wrote your 2017 marketing trends post, so you don’t have to

January is almost over, so you don’t have much time left to write your 2017 marketing trends post.

Since you’re in a time crunch, we made this list of 6 fool proof marketing trends for 2017 that you can include in your post. Use these and your post will do really well.

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7 tips to include in your life advice post after you get rich from blogging

A key step after you get rich from blogging is to write a life advice post reflecting on how you did it and what you learned.

This can be hard, and we don’t want you to think hard. You’re rich now.

So we made this list of 7 key tips to include.

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12 Expert Quotes About Being An Expert At Giving Quotes

Roundup posts are all the rage right now because they’re so much easier to write than actually spending time thinking of genuinely useful content.

But even better than doing roundups is being featured in them. You get links, fame, and glory, all for giving a 2 sentence quote about a topic you may or may not have any experience in.

So we asked 12 experts to give us some marginally useful quotes about being an expert at giving quotes for roundups.

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