Getting rich from blogging? Use Wordable. All the rich bloggers use it.

A key step after you get rich from blogging is to write a life advice post reflecting on how you did it and what you learned.

This can be hard, and we don’t want you to think hard. You’re rich now.

So we made this list of 7 key tips to include.

1. Emphasize that it’s not about the money.

Make up something like, “it’s about helping people.” But make sure you phrase it in a way that’s likely to boost revenue.

Grow and Convert Canvas 2 key

2. Say “we” a lot so people think you have a team

How can you be a successful person if you don’t have a team? Exactly.

Make sure you mention “my team” and “we” a lot so people don’t think it’s just you.

wordable io say we so people think you have a team

3. Tell people you got started by finding mentors, but you’re too busy to be theirs.

Everyone loves a humble origin story, so tell them how you learned the ropes from the generosity of a key mentors. But don’t let them think you’ll mentor them. Politely hint that you’re too busy.

Wordable io 3 too busy to mentor

4. Don’t forget to plug your friend’s new app that had nothing to do with your success.

It doesn’t matter that it came out last month and you don’t use it yet. Just tell people it would have saved so much time if you had it earlier.

wordable io 4 plug an app you don t use

5. Find a way to mention LTV so people think you’re smart about business things.

“Balance in my Stripe account” is probably not the best KPI to be discussing. Instead, pick a three letter acronym (LTV, CAC, CPA, MQL, WTF) and just start inserting it into conversations. People will think you’re smart about business things.

Wordable io 5 mention LTV everywhere

6. Say something about Seth Godin since everyone likes him….

People who can readily quote Seth Godin are almost always successful, because the rest of us aren’t smart enough to understand what the hell he’s talking about.

wordable io 6 say something about seth godin

7. Remind readers this is about them, not you.

Remember: You’re doing this for the people.

wordable io 7 its about the readers

[su_note]Publishing posts with a bunch of images like this? I drafted this in Google Docs and imported into WordPress in 17.3 seconds. For serious. Use Wordable. All the rich bloggers use it. [/su_note]

Shout out to Sarah Cooper for the inspiration on drawing.

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